Lady plastic fitness

Lady plastic fitness

Lady plastic fitness

Lady plastic fitness

There are moremore girls who and  like to exercise, because they all want to build a better body shape, especially those women who are fatter, and want to thin themselves into a lightning bolt. Then the question is coming, how to shape the body? Here are a few simple fitness shaping exercises for ladies to refer to.

Lady plastic fitness–Practicing Yoga
Yoga includes a lot of postures. Different postures exercise on various parts of the body, increase body calorie consumption, not only reduce subcutaneous fat, but also activate the function of glands, beneficial to various organs of the body, digestion and absorption of the body. The function of excretion is normal and the weight is gradually reduced. Long-term adherence to yoga can eliminate free radicals that are harmful to the human body, delay the aging process, and make our body shape, instrument posture, physical fitness level, and spiritual temperament significantly better than their peers.

Lady plastic fitness- – skipping rope
Skipping is a simple and beneficial aerobic exercise, and it is a more efficient exercise in aerobic exercise. In terms of exercise volume, continuous skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or jumping for 20 minutes. It is a time-consuming and energy-intensive aerobic exercise. . In the same time, skipping rope consumes more heat than other sports! And there is no limit to the venue, you can exercise at any time.

Lady plastic fitness–squat
The squat movement not only exercises the legs, but also exercises the muscles of the body and burns more fat. It also has a great stimulating effect on the heart and has a significant effect on improving heart function and adaptability. For sedentary office workers, squats can effectively prevent various diseases, train knee joints, hip joints, make the body more flexible, and improve the balance of the body.

Lady plastic fitness– Cycling
Cycling not only can lose weight, but also make the body even. Since cycling is a movement that requires a lot of oxygen, it can also strengthen the heart function. Cycling, like running and swimming, is one of the most endurable exercises that improve people’s heart and lung function. In addition to the effect of shaping the legs!

Lady plastic fitness- bow and arrow
I feel that my legs are not slender and slender, not attractive enough? Hurry and try the bow and arrow to squat this action! It is recommended that you do 3 groups every day, each group of 10 bows and squats to achieve the best plastic effect.

Lady plastic fitness– running
Adhere to running a lot of benefits: reduce the risk of heart disease; lower blood pressure, reduce fat accumulation, maintain weight; improve muscle mass, prevent and treat osteoporosis; reduce daily fatigue, relieve back pain, ensure good sleep; maintain good shape, enhance body image Relieve stress and anxiety, cultivate an optimistic peace of mind, and more.

Lady plastic fitness– push-ups
Women who practice push-ups properly can not only breast, tighten the chest, but also create better curves, shoulders and arms. Moreover, push-ups also help girls consume more calories to maintain their body shape.

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