How to purchase hiking clothing

How to purchase hiking clothing

purchase hiking clothing

How much do you know about hiking uniforms? You may encounter various weather conditions during outdoor activities, and a good hiking suit is effective protection.

Hiking  has its own windbreaker and leggings, and skiing has its own one-piece snowsuit. Each of which is complicated in detail. In short, it can be divided into three types according to the functions: inner layer, insulation layer and outer layer. It is not necessary to wear all three layers. With these three principles in mind, outdoor sports can be arranged flexibly according to the weather and types of sports. These are the basics of outdoor sports!

purchase hiking clothing

Next, we will tell you about the selection of outdoor hiking clothing

Hiking clothing choice common sense Mountaineering clothing (stormsuit) is a kind of waterproof and breathable functional clothing, so there are many differences in the design. When you choose, you should not only go to the formal shops with good reputation, but also pay attention to the following details:

1. Because the hiking clothes (stormtop clothes) must be completely waterproof, so hot glue should be used at the seam to prevent leakage at the eye of the needle. Please carefully check whether the pressure tape inside the clothes is smooth and has no bubbles.

2. Whether the hat can well keep out the wind and rain, and whether the head movement is free after wearing it. If it is used for ice hiking, snow mountain climbing, etc., also consider the activity behind the helmet.

3. Whether the cuff should be tightened in a proper way, which involves the activity in rain and snow when wearing thick gloves.

4. Whether there is a windproof skirt at the hem or at the waist of the garment; if there is no cord at the waist, the clothes can be pulled tightly to prevent the snow from being poured into the body at the lower hem in a harsh environment.

5. Do you have a breathable zipper under the armpit of clothes? Not all hiking outfits are designed for this, but it is useful for heavy exercise in harsh environments.

purchase hiking clothing

purchase hiking clothing

If you can grasp these basic common sense, I believe you will be helpful to outdoor sports. In addition, our website will be updated in real time. Looking forward to your attention.

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