how to choose yoga clothes

how to choose yoga clothes, the key in these 3 big points

choose yoga clothes

There are many different kinds of yoga clothes on the market. In order to keep yourself in a completely relaxed state during the yoga process. We need to choose quality yoga clothes. Next, we will introduce to you. How to make an invincible position in the selection of yoga clothes.

choose yoga clothes

1. Fabric must be breathableThe fabric of the yoga suit must be breathable. We are practicing yoga. After a lot of warm-up, the body will sweat a lot. If the fabric is airtight and does not absorb sweat, a steamer will form around the body. Covering up is bad for the body. So everybody is in when choosing yoga clothes, must notice, chemical fiber kind fabrics is certain reject. Cotton and hemp fabric is the basic choice, but although the air permeability of hemp is good, but there is no shrinkage, your clothes are easy to fall off during practice. Can choose cotton hemp to mix, add a few lycra material to assure flexibility slightly, it is good choice.

2. The design must be close-fittingThere are two reasons for this: 1. The baggy yoga suit has no problems when performing horizontal or backward bending postures. 2. However, during the handstand, the clothes will slip and reveal the clothing and interior decoration, which is very unsightly. Loose clothing tends to mask your posture, and it’s not easy to see if your posture is in place. Accordingly, the clipping design that everybody chooses must choose fit. When you’re practicing, whether it’s a yoga backbend or a yoga handstand or a shoulder stand, there’s no problem at all. If you like this elegant and comfortable yoga clothes, you can spare a set, when you meditate, it is also a good choice.

choose yoga clothes

3.Choose short sleeved pants for styleThere are many styles of yoga, except the basic style of short sleeves pants, which change with people’s needs. And as the weather gets hotter, some vests will be chosen. Some people go to the beach for a holiday, in the pursuit of beauty, many people will still choose bikini. Actually, that’s all wrong. Because in your yoga practice, which usually lasts 2-3 hours, we can fully experience, warm up and postures. There will be brief breaks in between. If it’s a short sleeve or vest, especially a bikini, it’s easy to catch a cold in the middle of practice because you don’t wear enough. Short – sleeved pants, to meet your cooling needs, but will not be a burden on the body.

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