What characteristics should a cycling suit have

What should a good cycling clothing have


good cycling clothinggood cycling clothing:

1.It’s not hard to wrap you up. You’re safe.

2.The fit fits your body. This will effectively protect your skin

3. Wind protection, heat preservation and ventilation.

4. Workmanship. The product itself is not well-made and beautiful without rough thread ends, especially for small parts like zippers.

5. Various kinds, such as road cycling clothing, pull clothing and professional racing clothing.

6. The key parts are embedded with hard materials, such as elbow and back. It is mainly about fit. If the position of the safety protector is not comfortable, it may cause dislocation and reduce safety after the fall.

7.Don’t try to get cheap. This is the key, ordinary moyou about the basic price of a thousand yuan.

8. The riding suit is only used as a safety aid, and it doesn’t represent anything. All of them have been purchased.

good cycling clothing

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