Fitness Clothes Tips For Men

Fitness  Clothes  Tips  For  Men

Sportswear and underwear

Firstly.What are the advantages of wearing gym clothes for men?

In autumn and winter, the gas should be penetrated and kept warm to prevent colds after sweating and sports injuries caused by cold muscles.

Fit for obese:1.Loose is better than tight  2.Dark is better than light  3.Cotton is better than chemical fiber4. The clean version is better than the patterned one

The first thing to remember: when motion is best don’t wear briefs, sports fitness clothing must choose carefully when, secondly to pay attention to: different sports wear underwear:

1, spinning: should choose the good permeability, flat foot fitness underwear.

2, yoga, pilates, appropriate choose loose, elastic fitness underwear.

3, boxing, step aerobics, Latin dance, fitness should be adopted for loose, non-trace T pants.

4, swimming: should choose good permeability, strong water proofing property of fitness underwear

Secondly.what dress is athletic wear good?

Aerobics wear sneakers and t-shirts and sweatpants. Dance to wear light thin bottom shoes, a little elegant thin clothing, yoga should wear a good flexibility, thin professional sportswear. Anaerobic equipment should wear clothes that absorb sweat. Suitable for exercise wear clothing with fast drying characteristics. Such dress material has the characteristic that does not touch body after perspiration wet, dry also quick. Upscale USES more perspiration fast dry technology such as shaped cross section fiber, the effect is very good. Cotton clothing is characterized by good perspiration, comfortable and suitable for casual wear. But pure cotton cloth after absorbing sweat, and very easy to dry, not suitable for strenuous exercise. And because cotton fiber does not have too much room for processing, it is difficult to have great performance improvement. Therefore, it is suitable for wearing chemical fiber dry clothes. If it is not comfortable enough, you can also consider pure cotton +coolmax blended fabric. Coolmax material is a kind of special shaped chemical fiber used for sweat drying.

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