Precautions for practicing yoga in winter tips

Precautions for practicing yoga in winter

practicing yoga in winter tips

Practicing yoga in winter tips1. In winter, when the temperature is low. The amount of perspiration when practicing yoga will be greatly reduced. If you want to make a lot of sweat, you have to strengthen the warm-up. Although you don’t need to sweat, warm your body.The temperature rise behind you can make your joints and muscles move out, so that you won’t feel a lot of hard work when it’s cold.

2. When practicing, it is necessary pay attention to air circulation to avoid oxygen deprivation.

3. If the teaching action in the CD is too fast, please give up. You should feel happy after practicing yoga. If you feel tired and painful, stop immediately. Do not be reluctant to practice yoga, not necessarily every day should be done on time, feeling good mood, good health, free time practice will be twice the result.

4.the place can be on the bed, also can be underground, but want to pay attention to keep warm, and do not want again too soft on the bed practice, prepare a yoga mat, had better have professional yoga clothes, pajamas also can, loose comfortable, barefoot practice.

5. It is better to warm up the body in cold weather with large movements and repeated large muscle movements. For example, standing up for leg muscle training will make the body warm up faster.

6.Wear a blanket or shawl to keep you warm while practicing your breathing. Breathing exercises can calm your mind and focus, but they also lower your body temperature.

7.You can learn by following the CD, but don’t practice while watching it. You should practice after reading it. Because practicing yoga requires concentration, if you do it while looking, your energy will be distracted and you won’t reach the ultimate goal of practicing yoga.

8. the person that has certain practice foundation, can do worship day combination, pay attention to the first time do not want to extend the body excessively, after general three times, temperature will rise, each joint of the body gets complete stretch.

9. In winter, breathing should be combined with movement to make it deeper. Inhale to the base of the lung cavity, the diaphragm protrudes and makes a hissing sound, or belly breathing, inhale to the abdominal cavity and the abdomen protrudes.

10. When staying in a position, do not just stay in place, but constantly stretch or twist the position to make it deeper.

11. Sweat capillary holes open, it’s easy to catch cold, so when you rest, remember to keep warm.

12. Generally speaking, the right and left nostril breathing method and the quick exhalation method can make the body slightly warm, which is more suitable for winter practice.


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